I live in Nantwich, Cheshire.  I have a background in rural business consultancy and am passionate about healthy eating and local food. I also have a special interest in search engine optimisation and the use of social networking sites for small businesses. This site is my personal site and views expressed here are my own.

Food Links

I write the Good Food Shops blog (click here for a map of places visited) which is a personal guide to traditional and unusual food shops.  You will also find a Good Food Shops page on Facebook and on Twitter.  I also have started a blog on Better Food on a Budget.

I’m fascinated with how the food we eat had been influenced by historical influences, for instance see my pages on Gingerbread.   I’m from the Northwest of England, see here for my guide to food from this area.  I think I’ve managed to visit every Staffordshire Oatcake shop, see here for a map.


Please see my Services page for details on how I can help you with IT Training, Business Support and Tracing Your Family Tree.


In my spare time I love to go walking, sometimes with Country Guide Holidays.  I use a SatMap to record my routes, see here for some of my walks.

Other interests 

I have a site on Improving Learning which has useful tips and sites for teachers and lecturers.

I have pages of useful links on:

I have an Other Stuff blog for some other items I find interesting.

5 Responses to Welcome

  1. Phil Brown says:

    Hello. I saw your name in connection with Ashbourne Gingerbread and wondered if you are related to someone I knew many years ago.
    Her name is, or was, Sue (or Susan) Pearson and her parents ran the Ashbourne Gingerbread Shop at the time, which was in the late 1970’s. Sue would be around 56-58 years of age by now. We knew each other as students back then, and it would nice to have a catch-up. I wondered if you might have an email address for her if she is your relative?
    Grateful for any reply even if it’s just to say that you’re not connected to her. Many thanks, Phil Brown

  2. Stephen Barr says:

    Bill Happy new year! its been a long time i would love to chew the fat with you,
    Regards Steve Barr

  3. Chris Walsh (Harpsmoke's Hash House....Blues Band) says:

    I endorse this man! The quality of his work is exceptional….his speed of delivery unbelievable! Thanks Bill!

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