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There is a rather bewildering choice of genealogy software today with many different packages to choose from.  

Fortunately most family tree programmes will read data prepared by another make of programme. GEDCOM stands for GEnealogical Data COMmunications and is a generic, database format designed to allow users to share family history database files between differing genealogy software programs. To create a GEDCOM file (in most programs), go to "File, Export to GEDCOM" and create a new file with a ".ged" file extension after the name. To read another person's GEDCOM file (in most programs), go to "File, Import from GEDCOM" and create a new database file that can be opened in your genealogy software program. This will not merge with your existing database file unless you indicate that you wish for the two files to be merged.

Brother's Keeper

Cumberland Family Tree


Family Historian

Family Origins

Family Tree Legends

Family Tree Maker



Kith and Kin


My Heritage

Personal Ancestral File

Relatively Yours


Roots Magic

The Master Genealogist


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