Nantwich Pubs Book

This book will provide a detailed look at the public houses in the town of Nantwich and give a street by street description, and history, of each licensed premises. It will be well illustrated, with pictures not only of the buildings themselves; but also the signs associated with many of them.

Many are now no longer in existence and have  either been demolished, or turned into private houses, or converted into restaurants or shops. Some have a unique story to tell, and several are associated with ghosts!

As a market town, Nantwich can boast of having a high number of public houses.  In 1893 there were 80 licensed victuallers, 14 beer sellers, and four others (who sold off the premises)!

Currently there are just 20 in existence, and even some of them are facing fierce competition to survive! The book helps to give a nostalgic flavour to what was, and is, an essential part of the Nantwich social scene.

If you have any old photographs, or reminiscences, of Nantwich pubs, we’d love to hear from you.

We’ve nearly finished the book, see below for the cover and index:

Nantwich Pubs Book Cover new

Nantwich Pubs index 1
Index page 96
Nantwich Pubs index 2
Index page 97
Nantwich Pubs index 3
Index page 98

Nantwich Pubs back cover

Please click here if you would like details when the book is published, or if you have items that you think are worthy of inclusion.

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