Veg Crisis

Empty fruit and veg shelves in a supermarket

Apparently we’re having a veg crisis!

My local supermarket had empty shelves and a sign explaining why it had happened:

Sign explaining the lack of fruit and vegetables is due to flooding in Spain

However when I went to my local market the next day, it was a different story!  Both of the excellent fruit and vegetable stalls had full displays:

Fruit and vegetables in Nantwich marketIt was also the same story at my lovely local greengrocer (which I’m very fortunate to still have):
P & J Salmon Greengrocers in NantwichThe only reason why there’s a gap in the display is that a customer had just chosen a cauliflower, but I know the display will be topped up soon.

How has this come about?  The problem with the supermarkets is that because they operate on a huge scale they cannot deal with small producers.  My local specialist shops frequently deal directly with the growers, or even grow it themselves.  This means they can be cheaper and sell better quality produce.

My local shops also tend to sell what’s in season.  It’s a delight to look at their colourful displays which change continually through the season.

Eating runner beans from Africa, and asparagus from Peru, in the middle of winter is both damaging to the environment and your bank balance!  It’s sad that, as a result of poor education, many people don’t even know what should be in season!

I’ve got a new site to help you here:

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