Picture of gingerbread man Gingerbread Picture of gingerbread man

It amazes me how gingerbread varies in the UK (and elsewhere).  In some parts of the country it's a pale biscuit, elsewhere it's a dark biscuit or a sponge.  
In a time of globalisation and mass production of food, I've taken an interest in traditional recipes and local foods. I think it's worth visiting different areas where gingerbread is made and trying the different gingerbreads.

Click here to see my Gingerbread recipes.

Below are links to Gingerbread entries in my blog of Good Food Shops.

Ashbourne gingerbread

Grantham gingerbread
Grasmere gingerbread
Ingleton gingerbread
Kirriemuir gingerbread
Market Drayton gingerbread
Ormskirk gingerbread
Wakefield gingerbread
Wem gingerbread
Whitby gingerbread

I've also added a map showing the location of different gingerbreads here.

It's a "work in progress".  Should I include Cornish Fairings, Norfolk Fair Buttons and Yorkshire Parkin?

Please contact me if I've missed any.

Box of gingerbread men