Satellite Navigation for Walkers

Picture of Satmap Active 10
I've bought a Satmap Active 10 device to help me find my route and to record the speeds, distances and altitudes of my walks.

On this page I've put some useful tips and links for other users of this device.

Why I chose Satmap Active 10

I've had satellite navigation in my car for some time and whilst I actually enjoy reading a map I've appreciated satellite navigation sometimes when I have got lost!  Whilst walking I have occasionally found a right of way obstructed and wondered whether I was actually where I thought I was!  I chose the Satmap Active 10 as I liked the large colour map and the fact that the device is designed for out of door usage.

Planning and sharing routes

It's nice to be able to plan routes on your computer rather than on the Satmap Active 10.  Sat Map provide some excellent route planning software

If you don't wish to buy their software you can use programs like GPS Visualiser ( but Google maps are limited in use for walkers. However this site also enables you to plan your route using OS maps (and/or Google maps and satellite) on your computer and export them as a .gpx file which you can then put on your hand held device.

If you wish to edit points of a route I recommend Prune

The home page of GPS Visualiser is great for displaying walks you've already done and saved on the device. GPS Visualiser also helps you to submit your walks to EveryTrail ( EveryTrail is a great free site where you can find GPS maps, GPS coordinates, routes, tracks and geotagged photos.

The official site for the Active 10

A first look at Active 10
Trail magazine Tech Ed Graham Thompson gives his first impressions of the Satmap Active 10 on YouTube
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Online resource for British walkers
Site for sharing walks with GPS
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