The Leopard

Postcard of the Leopard

This pub was known as the Horns, until 1789 when it became the Roebuck, and by 1834 it became known as the Leopard. It’s the oldest documented alehouse in the Township of Willaston.

According to the Tithe Award apportionment of 1845 the house had a garden of just under one acre, as well as five acres of farmland. The building was demolished in 1935 and rebuilt by J. T. Gresty & Son to its present form and was owned by Punch Taverns.

Landlords of The Leopard

Year Landlord  Old sign for The Leopard
1765-97 Ralph Procter
1798-1813 John Pool
1814 Hannah Simpson
1815-34 Daniel Pick
1841-44 Hannah Pick
1845-65 James Pick
1869-83 Thomas Lovatt
1888-90 Thomas Hitchen
1891-1928 Gomer Jones
1934-45 William Lewis
1947-56 Rowland Leigh
1956-82 John Potts
1982-88 Graham Weaver
1988-89 Diane Hammond
1989-? Peter Mulrooney
1995-2000? Martin Wrighthouse

There are a few gaps, please email me if you have any information or corrections.

Gomer Jones

Gomer Jones outside The Leopard
Gomer Jones and family outside The Leopard circa 1900

In 1881 Gomer Jones was a ginger beer manufacturer, living at 10 Mill Street, Nantwich. He became the licensee of the Leopard from 1891 to 1928, making him Nantwich’s 7th longest serving licensee.

This is a printed poster found in July 1991 in a house in Welsh Row, originally a small shop which closed in 1900.

Gomer Jones poster

The poster was probably printed around 1885 and is an advertisement for Gomer Jones’s Mineral Waters, which he then manufactured on premises adjoining the Leopard Inn.

They also did furniture removal, as this advert from Nantwich Museum shows:

Gomer Jones advert (from Nantwich museum)

In Victorian times inquests were held in The Leopard.

The pub was also once the headquarters, changing rooms and home to Nantwich Football Club. Gomer Jones would provide knife and fork suppers, with entertainment, for the team.

Gomer Jones died in 1930 aged 76.

Jackie Potts

John Charles Potts (1917 – 1996), was known as Jackie, and became a professional boxer from Crewe, who was active between 1933 and 1945.

Jackie Potts boxer and Landlord of The Leopard

He boxed at flyweight; bantamweight; featherweight; lightweight; welterweight; middleweight and took part in 104 professional contests.

Jackie worked at the Leopard Hotel for 10 years as an assistant, and became the licensee in 1956. He retired in 1982, and during his life did much to promote wrestling and also raise substantial sums for charity.

The Leopard Today

The Leopard was acquired in 2012 by Joule’s Brewery and underwent an extensive refurbishment.


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  1. Peter Mulrooney left & went to The Stamford Bridge, near Chester.
    Someone else after Peter but cannot remember who.
    Martin Wrighthouse took over approx 1995 & was still there until about 2000.

    If I remember any more will let you know.
    My daughter will be round later today and I will ask her as her husband, Tony worked there.

  2. I found a bottle embossed Gromer Jones Nantwich during a house renovation project locally. Incredible to find this history in the local ground.

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