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The Vine Inn

The Vine Inn, in Hospital Street is one of Nantwich’s oldest pubs. It’s in a lovely 17th century building. It’s a two-storey rendered building, with a sham timber frame in addition to the original timber frame. A mirror in the pub suggests that it was opened in 1641. There used to be an outside passageway, which is now part of the pub. There used to be two bars, separated by a courtyard. You can see where this was, there’s now a glass roof.  When you go inside the building the floor is lower than street level – I’m not sure why this has come about.

You can see the pub on the 1851 map of the town. Unfortunately it’s on the join of two sheets, which I’ve had a go at putting together here:

1851 map of Hospital Street

A neighbour of the The Vine, George Latham, (who was an architect) complained to the Local Board about a Mr Wright at The Vine, who was keeping a pig. He was concerned about immediacy to the potential porcine scent.  However a special sub-committee of the Local Board paid a visit and considered the pig to be so cleanly kept that no nuisance had occurred!

In 1903 the inn belonged to Lassell and Sharman, the brewers from Caergwrle, North Wales. Lassell and Sharman got taken over by Burtonwood in 1945.

The pub is currently owned by Hydes Brewery, an independent brewery in Manchester.

The name

The Vine normally demotes a place where wine is sold. Wine has been (and still is) sold in this pub, but I’m not aware that this was ever the main drink of choice.  Buildings at the back of the property are called Vine Buildings, but I don’t know if they were named after the pub or if the area ever had vines.


There have been reports of a ghost, but it’s not been seen. Some say rooms go cold and clammy and objects in the cellar move from original positions. Original outside passageway, which is now part of the pub, is supposed to give a ghostly and cold feeling. Did something happen in the passageway years ago?


The information on landlords below is taken from the 1792 rate book, The inns and innkeepers of Nantwich – by A J MacGregor, census returns and Johnsons Almanacs:

Year Landlord
1781 Mr Horton
1792 Mr Horton, owner and occupier, described as house, garden, stables & croft
1834 John Shuffle Bottom, owner, occupier Thomas Reeves
1841 Thomas Reeves beerhouse keeper, the first reference to being a pub
1841 – 1848 William Jennings
1850 George Bostock
1853 – 1856 Ann Billington
1857 – 1865 Edward Roberts
1869 – 1874 Thomas Wright
1878 Thomas Brown
1882 Ralph Darbyshire
1883 William Bennett
1888 – 1892 John Lewis
1896 Eleanor Mansfield
1902 – 1910 Arthur Cartwright
1928 William Haycocks
1934 Henry Forgham
1939 Thomas Hayden
1945 – 1955 William Thomas
1960 Brian Tansey
1960s Mr Quigley
1969 K. Pollard
1970 – 1990 Thomas Sidley
2014 – now Daniel Strong

In the 1851 census a 37 year old schoolmaster, Peter Eaton is shown as a border – suggesting it was a boarding house at that time.

Click here to read about an alleged perjury case involving the Vine.

There’s one or two gaps, please email me if you have any information or corrections.

The Vine Inn
42 Hospital Street


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  1. Hi bill my dad Thomas Allen sidley had the vine but it was from 1970 not 1974 ,Jane Dodd

  2. I think everybody know Jane’s dad as Allen. I stayed at the Vine for a month in August 1983 when I first came to work in Cheshire. Pat and Allen – Jane’s Mum and Dad – were a great team and looked after me very well. B&B was £6.75/night (a 10% discount for longer booking from £7.50)! I was then recruited to the Monday Winter Dominoes B Team – having never played fives and threes before in my life, or even heard of it. Great times.

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